Why Latvia?

Latvia has a special place in the Briley’s heart. In 2015 they hosted a 16 year old young man from an orphanage there and tried to adopt him. Due to delays and red tape, he aged out of the adoption system before they were able to finish the process. However, he become their “son” through what Lynn loves to call a Heart Adoption. The Briley Family did a lot of traveling back and forth to Latvia in the past three years. They wanted to show him their love and support even though he was there, and they were here.

During that time, they established a relationship with a brother and sister who were 14 and 12 and started the adoption process in 2016. By age 12 a child has a voice in their adoption. It is often difficult to have hope of being adopted, much less have trust in the intentions of strangers from another country. There was some uncertainty at first. Over time trust was gained, hope began to grow, and in August of 2017, they brought their children home. Different cultures, environment, and language have presented many challenges, but God has been in it. The children have done very well adjusting and growing.

The Brileys understand the importance of connection. Latvia will always remain an important part of their children’s lives. They have a “son” who still lives there. They have seen first hand the heartache and struggle so many like their children face everyday. Latvia has made great strides towards freedom and growth over the last 50 years. If the country has any hope at a successful future, they must start with their children. They are in desperate need of strong, healthy leaders. A vision for the Harvest came out of visiting their “son” in Latvia and seeing him age out of the system with little hope for a future. They decided to use their connection and do something about it.  To read more about their vision and how you can help, please click the link here.



Victoria Lynn and Jim with their two kids from Latvia, Veronica and Juri, on August 10, 2017, right before bringing them home.

Latvian History

Latvia has endured a tumultuous history. Once an important trade route in the Baltic region through Russia into Europe and the Middle East, it was fought over and changed hands many times.

Gaining Independence

It wasn’t until 1991 that Latvia seceded from Russia and gained its independence. The last 30 years have been full of changes and economic improvement.

Fun Fact:

Latvia is known for having the widest waterfall in Europe at 870 feet wide and only 6 feet tall all the way across. During the summer people come from miles around to enjoy the area.

The Harvest

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